Matt Baker Endorses Owlett


Saturday, Matt Baker, former PA State Representative for the 68th District for 25 years, announced his support for Mr. Clint Owlett as the Republican candidate for the General Election for PA State Representative. "It was my goal to lead with a servant’s heart, and Clint Owlett is the clear choice to continue that leadership. I'm voting Owlett on November 6th” said Matt Baker.

“Clint is a true conservative who will stand for his beliefs and convictions while not forgetting that he works for you, the people,” said Baker.

“I am grateful for Matt Baker’s support,” responded Owlett, “I have the energy, passion and leadership skills to represent the district. After spending 4 months as the State Representative, I am even more motivated to serve our constituents. I want to see solutions to the opioid crisis. I want to see families thrive. I want to see small businesses grow. My children are young and I want to create a place where they want to raise their families. I also have life experience that has taught me how to work hard, long hours to get the job done.”

Owlett is running against the Democratic opponent in the General Election on Tuesday November 6th, for the PA State Representative seat for the 68th District. He currently sits as our State Representative after winning the Special Election in May when Baker vacated his seat. Clint Owlett will serve out the remainder of this term through the end of 2018.

Matt Baker was elected thirteen consecutive terms, is former Chairman of the Health Committee, author of over thirty state laws and recipient of over thirty national and state legislative awards. Baker announced the endorsement on Saturday after meeting with Owlett in Wellsboro.

Clint Owlett