Business Growth

Owning a small business and working with several others, I understand what it takes to get a business off the ground and keep it going. I also get frustrated seeing businesses leave our district without a big push to keep them. This is something I’m very passionate about as it affects our tax rates, housing markets, property taxes, job opportunities and schools.  This also determines the future of our district, as we want to attract our next generations to bring their families back to the district.


What can be done?

  • Support our Business Districts, Local Chamber of Commerce, and Progress Authorities. 
  • Get out and recruit businesses to our area. 
  • Support and encourage existing businesses to invest and grow right here in the district. 
  • Work with local officials to establish a growth-friendly culture. 
  • Invest in infrastructure that will attract larger business.
  • Continue the fight to get Route 15 changed to Interstate 99

If you own a small or large business in the 68th district, you can count on me and my team visiting you. We want to hear what can be done in Harrisburg and your local communities to ensure your success and build a culture for growth.