Pennsylvania Agriculture

Growing up on a dairy farm, I understand the value of hard work and the challenges that come with owning a farm. The challenges facing our farmers today are like no other time in recent history. We see dairy farms closing selling their cows that have been in business for generations. A weak market and unfair playing ground with neighboring states are just a few issues facing the farmers today. Rising costs of inputs while lowering milk prices must come to an end. 


What Can be done?

  • Work with the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board (PMMB) to revitalize ways to market PA produced milk.
  • Get real, whole milk back in our schools and back to a pint vs. 1/2 pint. 
  • Fight for truth in labeling. (You can’t milk an almond!)
  • Work with and support farmers who can diversify their farm for long-term sustainability.
  • Support the growth of the swine and chicken markets and processing facilities in PA. 
  • Work with grass roots organizations like the PA Farm Bureau to make policy changes that positively impact the PA farmer.
  • Eliminate hurdles in permitting for small farms and small produce markets to sell goods.
  • Work towards property tax reform for farmers and landowners.
  • Deliver a common-sense approach to regulations around the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

If you are a farmer in the 68th district, know that Clint Owlett is fighting for you in Harrisburg. He will bring the focus back to the agriculture industry that shaped our communities many generations ago.