Our Platform

Clint is your true conservative who will stand for his beliefs and convictions while not forgetting that he works for you, the people. He firmly believes in the sanctity of all human life and will be a voice for the voiceless. He will always defend your second amendment right as an American, while continuing to bring into focus the mental health issues of today. He will always be there to help grow and support the small and large businesses in our area. Our farmers need a voice in Harrisburg, and Clint will be there fighting for all aspects of the agriculture industry. Harrisburg’s assault on the gas industry must end. Clint will always support responsible gas exploration and the job creation that comes with it. We want to join in on the property tax reform conversation and improving education so our children are prepared for the future, not living in the past. We want to get the government off the backs of the taxpayers and job creators, and protect our religious liberties that our founding fathers formed our country around. With his marketing background, creative ideas, and much needed real-world experience, you will be able to count on him to get the job done. Join our movement and embrace the next generation of leaders! Vote for Clint Owlett on November 6th. 



Opioid Crisis

Pennsylvania Agriculture


Business Growth 

Oil and Gas Industry