Busy Saturday on the Campaign Trail

This last Saturday, the Owlett family spent the day on the western side of the 68th district with constituents from Columbia Cross Roads, Troy and Canton.  They started the day with a well-attended, Breakfast on the Farm, at Robert and Amanda Miller’s farm.  Pancakes and sausage were served to over 60 people! It was a nice warm morning, and folks were also able to take in their corn maze.  


From there, the family visited the Canton Apple & Cheese Festival as well as Canton’s Pumpkin Festival to take in the sights and great tastes!  And then ended the day at Gardiner’s Orchard for a Barn Party with live music and lots of good company. A great, fun fall Saturday! Thank you to all who came out to these events and took time to meet and visit with Clint and his family.

Owlett’s Attention to Education

Several weeks ago, Clint joined several expert community leaders to discuss education, a top priority for the 68th district.  His opponent, was also in attendance to discuss her differing perspectives on the topic.  One of the questions from the audiences was on school security - How will you make sure our kids are safe?

Clint’s response – “It starts with RVA’s (Risk Vulnerability Assessment). A big shout out goes to Mansfield University’s Scott Batton for helping and doing a great job with this. Develop a plan. But remember, no plan is good unless it’s complete.  Lastly, there was a bill that was introduced in the house last month stating that the state would reimburse school districts if they chose to hire a resource officer. MU and I have been talking about this as well as the districts superintendents. I’m looking forward to reading the final bill and getting the feedback from the superintendents.”

Clint has debated his opponent on many issues, in eight different forums since the spring!  All of these forums were printed and recorded and you can find many of their answers in our newsletter, press releases, and Facebook page.   Clint’s door is always open – don’t hesitate to voice your opinion on an issue or reach out to hear his response.

The Final 30 days!

Election day, November 6th, is less than 30 days away and we could really use your help as we push to the finish line. I’m asking you to join in our $30 in the last 30 Days Club. This will give us the final investment we need to get our conservative message out to our voters.  I’m am asking you to invest $1 per day for the final 30 days. You are sharing in my passion for -

  • Limiting government intrusion in our daily lives

  • Creating family-sustaining jobs by lowing taxes 

  • Reducing the one size fits all to our regulations 

  • Lowing taxes on our seniors, protecting our rural way of life

  • Being a safeguard to our 2nd Amendment and being a voice for the voiceless 

This final investment to Friends of Clint Owlett will reach and motivate our Republican base to get out and vote on November 6th. We can’t take anything for granted in these unsettled times. We appreciate your $30 for the last 30 days! 

If you are interested in working a poll or making phone calls for my campaign, please e-mail owlettforparep@gmail.com.   And if you are interested in putting a sign in your yard, message me directly on Facebook with your address and one will mysteriously show up in your yard! @OwlettforPARep

Thank you so much for your support over the past several months.

Clint Owlett