Special Election Press Release

 Owlett Wins Republican Party Nominee for Special Election

(Pictured - Don Hoffman, Tioga County Chairman of Republican Party and Candidate and Special Election Nominee Clint Owlett)

For the first time in over a decade, the 68th District is going through a Special Election for the position of Pennsylvania State Representative.  The process to select a nominee for the Republican party concluded on Saturday in Mansfield – local leader Clint Owlett won the nomination.  Owlett will be representing the party for the Special Election to be held on the same day as the primary elections, on May 15th, 2018. This election is to fill out the remainder of former Representative Baker’s term. 

This past Saturday, conferees, or nominated Republican party members from Tioga, Bradford and Potter Counties, accepted the job of listening to three candidates speak, respond to questions and then vote for the nominee for the special election. The whole process was conducted by two representatives from the State Republican Party.  The party members gave Owlett their vote of confidence to move forward to be the party’s nominee. 

“This is an amazing honor and responsibility, not one I will take lightly,” stated Owlett following the nomination on Saturday.  

This win will give Owlett a significant leap towards a primary in May.  Already a grass roots candidate, with over 800 petitions signed in six days, Clint has high energy and strong momentum going into the May election.  Owlett shared how he looks forward to working hard and serving the people of this district. He also shared with the conferees his passion to join the work on the opioid crisis, dairy and agriculture struggles, bringing business to our area, and getting involved with the PA Family Institute to help rebuild the family structure.  Along with strong momentum, this nomination will provide Owlett with consulting services and campaign direction from the party to secure the special election. 

“This young man has energized people to get involved. Because of Clint, people are registering to vote for the first time ever,” commented his campaign chair, Ron Butler, former CEO of Laurel Health System, Inc.

“I realized in this process the amount of support Clint has around him and that it is time for the party to ask our next generation to get involved,” said Darlene Van Blarcom, dairy farmer and conferee from Bradford County.

You can learn more about or join Owlett’s campaign at www.owlettforparep.com or follow him on Facebook @OwlettforPAREP. 

Clint Owlett